Sunday, October 19, 2014





I am so excited about being able to vote this coming midterm election. I have to be honest, and I can understand why a lot of people are not so excited about it, as I am. I remember when who was going to be at the weekend house party, getogether, was faaar more important than any stupid election. I swear it seems like only yesterday, I was trying to play my cards right to make sure I was going to be in the company of the sweet sweet love of my life (Or it felt that way, maybe it was, but it's gone and life just goes on), every weekend. All I could see was the coming wewkend. That is all I cared about. I did not end up with (who I felt for sure was) the love of my life. Out of fear, mostly. Sad, yes. I am however, alive, wiser,and more aware of me and what I want. It comes at a price sometimes; knowledge, and selfawareness.There is always the now. I do want to impact my now. I am willing to put myself out there, now. I am willing to be vulnerable in life and in love. I want to stand up for me. What that means is taking the time and putting in the hours. I want a blog? I gotta put in the time. I want to affect my society? well I have got to study, plus apply what I learn. I have got to become active. This coming election (and all elections) is very important. It determines where our collective monies taxed out if our paychecks, weekly, end up. Do I want to keep supporting deadbeat Companies and corporations in full nepotism mode who continue to exist in a self-congratulatory vacuum? Awwww Fuck no. So I got to put in the time and effort. To me that means plastering mannwaIdrunk in olive stars and stripes, to get noticed, well I will get to getting. Hopefully that works...

Because that works for me. I will routinely attempt to go and put in the time and work required to be an active member of society. I will always invite you guys to join and participate with me any time you can. If I can motivate you guys ever with reminders, goofy pictures and sharing my day to day experiences, then I would be beside myself with joy. The fact that I am afforded the freedom to post openly and continue to be read by you guys on a daily basis is simply miraculous, to me. I cannot thank you guys enough. I do not make any monies off manwasIdrunk. That is not why I do it. In reality, I do not take any of these freedoms for granted. I hope I can convey to you guys the gratitude I feel and hope to be contagious with my zeal for our freedoms (that are not free). I wouldn't urge you to do something I won't I urge you guys: go out there and defend your freedoms, because we still can. Feel free to be as creative as you want to be in your defense of your freedoms and liberties, green stars, yellow moons whatever you want, do it, nobody can tell you otherwise...yet. I never know, maybe in the process of continuing to be an active member of society, I will find my true love, also being an active member of society and we'll have something in common this time. I don't know. It can happen. o-O I hope you guys have a great week.-manwasIdrunk






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