Wednesday, October 29, 2014



                         going goth??






                                           " LIMITED SOCIAL AND MOTOR SKILLS...BUT AN UNLIMITED CAPACITY FOR FUN!!"

chupa chups!! What is happening? I finally got around to posting a suggestion for DRESS-UP-ELECTION 2014. Anybody going goth? How about Chalupa-Batman chic? ebola paranoia craze? Oh yea get as creative as you wanna to be. Did I mention that I went to a destination wedding of a friend, this weekend? I don't think I mentioned that the destination of the wedding was in the city of BELL, California. Now the destination is not far enough to qualify as a destination wedding per se, like say Hawaii or Italy. Gasoline being what it is, however ($$$), and The City of Bell being what it is (mayor, city council etc. being involved in the biggest money scandal of any city this century), let me just say that it felt like a destination wedding. Oh the places you will go. I had not been back in that neighborhood since raving all night was in vogue (all night for Bell being 2:00am o-O), and all we cared about was finding a particular 'secret' warehouse (the thumping dance music, throngs of people and strobe lights were sooo helpful to us and police ). I am sorry if I made it seem like I was leaving the country. That is one of the great things about LA, it is so big and sprawling you never really know when you are leaving one state of mind and one type of party to partake in the next. CALIFORNIA-manwasIdrunk!

                                                                          OH BOBO!!!!

What up, what up, what is up? Have I told you guys I can barely contain myself because finally Halloween is on a weekend and we have an election coming next week? It's all true I can hardly wait. This time of year id incredible, if allowed. I have dressed up in the recent past as Freddy Krueger from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Punky-PUNKY BREWSTER, and you guys know about my fascination with making anything be sexy-costume-fodder (anything- legal pad, pencil, a bunch of paperclips, so kewl)This year I am going to be something easy-peasy and cool. You want to know what, don't you? I am going to... leave it a mystery (it's better that way, in case I see all you guys at the same party), except to say that I hope your creative juices are stoked and you go aaalll out. manwasIdrunk


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