Thursday, October 2, 2014

Conan O'Brien AMERICA NO. 1- Thursday

                                                           America Number One       o.O I kept wanting to post these two songs that are actual songs and not something that sounds like it was generated by a computer program from inception to downloadable itune file. Now these are/should be hits. I mean real hits like summer time jam big. One is an actual Summertime jam. the other one not so much. The summerjam song is just fun from the word GO. It is cleverly written, is catchy as can be, but because it is a 'country' artist may not get enough airplay, but we'll see...The second one I am not quite sure what to make of. Even with the lyrics before me. I can tell you that it sounds amazing. I was mesmerized from the first time I heard it. The vocals are amazing. Crystal clear. This song starts out quiet, like a confessional secret, or a request. Then it proceeds to build, without much gimmickery, to a soaring declaration, or a demand, actually. Which is in itself a gimmick; but to great effect. The video is traumatic, so be aware before watching. It is violent. I hear, this artist, Hozier is from Ireland, but the style tells me David Gray better watch out. Hope u enjoy them, if you haven't already heard them. PS I luv David Gray- manwasI drunk
What is up my little chalupas? I hope this day finds you in pretty good spirits. I hope your hopes are high as a kite. May your mind be in a peaceful spot scented with rosemary bushes, while your body is the epitome of mobility and movement. I am still looking for work. Other work, than the one I now have, as it is low paying. It is simply not sufficient enough to get by. I see that i am not the only one, which only spurrs my search. May you all make more money by years end and not have money be as big a worry as it has been. How is that for well-wishes? Let's make it happen world2014!!- manwasIdrunk!

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