Monday, October 13, 2014







I was sitting here thinking about many many things. Some of thes things were debatable others flat out craaazy. All these things were going on when I had just a flat out good idea: CHUNKY CHURRO as a name for a gourmet churro locale. Its sexy as anything can ever be. Anybody who's ever had a warm churro knows. I got all warm just thinking about it. I was thinking: this could be awesome. I could have an endless menu of flavor combinations. Brilliant!! Yes? I would combine my favorite Mexican sugar and cinamon dusted fried treat (pleeeaaase tell me you've tried these warm doughy treasures) with our need for novelty and innovation. Churros with a hint of exquisite flavors. The idea would be more high-end than anything else. The original churro would be the moneymaker, for obvious reasons, (it's the bomb- do people still say that?) but the others (varying depending on the season), may be a trend with a solid hit every now and again. It would be exciting though. Many other flavors available. I am talking about stuff nobody's ever tried. Peppermint-cocoa drizzled TUNA churros. jalapenoBOBA-filled churros, kale-flour churros, a favorite could then turn out to be the salty churros. Chile con carne churros would be great sellers for sure. bacalao stuffed churros, heavily promoted during lent. Oh my dear tender pupusas how I could rake in the big bucks. I assure you I will continue to think of delicious recipes, because that is the other food thing I do when not dreaming of cooking techniques from my favorite celebrity chefs. Or my other food thing that involves eating food so delicious that someone ends up getting it or getting some. Or my other food thing that...ah never mind oy turns out I might have a food.


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