Monday, October 6, 2014

JImmy Fallon Birthday Cake-Monday

Hey fellaaaaas, can you take a guess who might be thinking about starting a ONE MAN DOO WAP group, clothing line and pet-costume-designer? manwasIdrunk is the correct answer, as if you couldn't get it on the first guess. I am so gonna rock the socks of teens everywhere!! I don't know... I'm thinking about it. I'm already playing around with names DOO -DUDES (I'm not entirely sure that doesn't sound like the number 2 aka poop). Throat Angels (good, right?), Crystal Clear (and it serves as a reference to being drug free, therefore attracting a very good number of fans in Florida, LA, and NY). Anyway, keep your ears open, cause you never know what is coming up with us here at ... well you know.

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