Thursday, October 23, 2014




Jason Marquis

My Dear chalupa stuffed taquitos, how goes it, today? I guess you've gathered (correctly) that the next level to my vocalist and dancer career did not go as planned...yet. I'm waiting to see if my microphone can be connected properly to my 'starmaker' mini-studio (aka my computer). I will reinstall drivers and software, and hopefully get to singing my vocal scales around the apt. Then the work really begins, the road to a wonderfull career in fame and quirky videos. In the meantime I have begun to lay down some seriously sick tracks. Some fancy dancey bouncy numbers and my signature heartfelt ballads. Okay I haven't actually laid anything down, but I will soon. Also, I hope to find a virtuoso with a guitar like modern day Morrissey/Marr to create some socially impacting pop. I gues if things don't gel in that vein I could settle for creating some ambiguous sweet glamrock like Butler/ Anderson from suede(londonsuede). Oh hell I would settle for the sound that one generic bald guy from American Idle has. I cannot remember his name but I know he named his band after himself. And I forgot them both. Dalton?Have no fear, I am going on. I continue to work on creating a unique sound that embodies and represents me and my many moods. The don't call me moody mindy for nothing. Actually I thing people called me something much worse, but that was a long time ago, and I forgot all about it until now, whatevs. The show must go on. I can barely wait. So many little time! manwasIdrunk.

Phil Hughes

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