Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TEAM COCO- Conan Obrien HOBBITS-Wednesday

Heey heey hey! How goes it my little HooOT POCKETS! I am listening to Rilo Kiley- UNDER THE BLACKLIGHT. I think I keep coming back to hear her singing voice. She's got a lovely singing voice, a lovely singing voice. It is those arrangements, though and string instruments that make them more than a pop vocalist. As for the lyrics, well sometimes they are very very good. Like I have mentioned before I like to listen to a whole album. I like to see the structure an artist takes in building an album. Where do they put a ballad, is the ballad an important element in driving the whole album to a point or idea. Is the ballad just a way to score a sure hit song, in case the more daring beat driven or message driven songs fail? I don't know. The only way to find out is to listen the whole darn thing. Several times, I listen, I let the songs sit in my mind. Sometimes I cannot get an artist out of my mind, straight away, so I might track down more of their work. Other times I will listen to it and shelve it for a while, and it will have no impact (I feel). This was the case with Pulp- Different Class. I shelved it away, months later I pulled it, having forgotten what type of impression it had made. It just clicked. Wow. I didn't take it off my player for months. I learned all the audible sighs and breaths recorded, on the disc. It was so foreign to us here; not having it played on the radio ever. Once it ceased being foreign, I loved the damn thing. The story telling was pretty good. Vivid imagery of squallor and drug use, whew! After a couple of listens tthe melodies start shining. The chorus makes sense. It happens give an album a chance, you never know what you might find. Duds? Ooooh yeeaa. So what you don't buy that artist again. Besides, you can gauge a persons taste by their response to an album. You may borrow some stuff you never heard of, that they might own, if your tastes coincide. I am thinking about making mixed cds again, I will find an interested an unsuspecting party. ---manwasIdrunk

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