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Oh oh, my sweet chalupa batmen, did you get a chance to see Mary J Blige just delivering the goods?? She was like some teacher that was away for a while, getting her personal affairs in order. You never qiute knew why that teacher was gone. She may have appeared to be just okay, before leaving, but after a slew of barely memorable substitute teachers her presence, suddenly, has quite an impact. I was like: "what am I watching?" It took me a second of adjusting myself and my eyeballs (cartoon like, with accompanying squeegy noise) then realizing: Class is in session!, take a seat. OH SHIT!!! Mary is jumping. JUMMPING. As if demanding the spot that is rightfully hers. Delivering on the promise made on REAL LOVE. It is one joyous performance. Let me make that clear. Rarely do I get excited by some live performance.

I was watching an appearance with some kids (Disclosure), I never heard of, on JIMMY KIMMEL. The retro sounding beats were kinda interesting for a first listen ( I sometimes find myself thinking about whether I would seek out a band or artist as I watch them be a musical guest on late shows) I was listening as I was doing who knows what else when... WHAT?? It went into a whole other level. We was suddenly on a different plane. It was out of control with the energy levels just rising higher and higher. This was a statement; a declaration. To all the substitutes, part-timers and pretenders: School is in. This is how it is done. Please take a seat and please please be quiet, class is in session! LEARN.

                                        What the....                            Mary J Blige shows how it's done              

+++ I just had a gteat idea: Wouldn't it be cool if like the mystery millionaire leaving behind envelopes of money for people to find, we here at manwasI we left behind a little something for readers to find?? -I'm just thinking about it. I should mention I am leaning toward the good idea side, though. I don't have tons of money... yet, but I do have things things that I can do without, that maybe somebody else could use. I think that sounds like an amazing idea, right? It's recycling, treasure hunting and Christmas all in one. you look under a bus stop bench and find that manwasIdrunk left a little surprise for the lucky local. Get your minds out of the gutter, chimmychangos, I wouldn't leave a foul, smelly surprise, it would only be good surprises. Maybe a spatula I never used , but no longer have room for in my shrinking space. A VHS copy of the DAVID ARQUETTE/SCOTT CAAN gem READY TO RUMBLE( when I finally purchase the dvd). Oh oh, the possibilities are endless. manwasIdrunk.

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