Tuesday, December 9, 2014




Hey hey hey my little pup'n'tacos! How goes it? I have got myself a jam packed week! Followed by a jam pack end of the year, hopefully (and more than likely) chased by a full January. I am taking my omega 3 pills, my garlic oil pills, multivitams and I am drinking so much water. How about you guys? Staying hydrated I hope. I cannot emphasize enough how much better I feel since I allow water to keep me limber and free of any imputites. I am trying to stay active, as I do like it when I sweat; I know my body is working properly. I don't know that multivitamins work, it could all just be the power of suggestions that accompanies the act of vitamin-taking, that benefits us. I do however need all the suggestions I can get, otherwise my suggestions drift towards cookies and doughnuts. I will be forcing myself to get a medical check-up (hate those sooo much), this week. I am still scouring the internet for a better job, daily. I will need more money to live on next year, this year was too financially scarce. I am getting ready for Christmas emotionally and mood-wise. I get so excited. I have put up a miniscule x-mas tree at my desk and livingroom, finally. Cuuute cute! I will be finishing up my hand made gifts this week. Cards all around! you get a card! you get a card! and you get a card... one more for you and you relative there, sitting there in the corner with your headphones on I didn't forget you!, you get a card too!!!- (shh...it's a secret)-manwasIdrunk!




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