Friday, December 19, 2014

Mary J- The London Sessions-Friday

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY ! It is finally here. I am keeping my pace of running up and down town like a chickenLittle declaring: The sky is falling! The sky is not falling It is fact in its rightful place looking gray, for once, during the appropriate time of year. Love it. It's been a while since the sky was wintery looking during the winter. I had been so warm these last couple of years that even in winter, when the temperature drops, the sky is looking like late spring, all sunny and bright. I liked that too, but we miss the rain, here in SoCali. Now it is here and our sweaters and jackets are out en force. Oh yea we're ready, looking all winter fashionable. Garth Brooks is Back! with another album and tour. Did you guys see him on Jimmy Kimmel? They looked friendly enough, cool. I am so bummed I never saw him during his stay in LAS VEGAS. It is probably for the best, as I would of been a blubbering mess if he sang anything off FENCES. He is such an internatunal public figure that it cannot be easy being so famous and appearing so down to earth. I'm sure the money helps B-) GARTH. Are you guys ready for XMAS? Followed a week later by NEW YEARS?? Stop worrying, watch a video, get some sleep-manwasIdrunk-I'm Mr. Blue.

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