Sunday, December 14, 2014


Oh oh my little taquitos-fajitos, do I need to tell you guys, or can you already guess that yesterday, the birthday festivities went on well into the night? I had a crazy week and didn't know I needed to cut loose and let some steam off until I was all up in cutting loose and steaming well into the wee hours. I was dancing nonstop to a "80's" playlist and eating genuine tacos provided by an amazing local catering service. I didn't know I loved HEAVEN 17 quite so much, who knew? Today, I woke up in genuine pain I can only guess because I didn't plan to stay out so late in the cold night, and possibly felt guilty for cutting loose without planning on it. I do that sometimes and there is nothing I can do to prevent the guilt from sneeking up. Except deal with it accept it and move on. I have to accept that I am not a robot and sometimes I gotta break with the program, a program I set up, mind you. I have to give myself a break and not feel unworthy just because I don't act according to plan always. That is just life; a series of compromises to get from point A to B. I had great fun last night and I will not feel terrible. Done. I wish I could do it all again tonight! I won't because there is no more birthdays today and I will not force a situation. If presented with a similar situation, I AM ALL OVER IT.-manwasIdrunk

I woke up a little later than usual but fully commited to having a great day and a full day. The day is still not over and I am still with energy. I expect a great and full week, and end o' year. I see it not stopping or slowing down, therefore I need to keep hydtated and I mentioned I am taking Omega 3, yes? Well I am, and I feel great! I still need to get a call back from my doctor as to when I will be squeezed into his schedule this week to review my test results, and proceed with a treatment for my vision. I am preparing for this week by sleeping and eating well. I saw a movie in IMAX and it turned out to be kinda loud. Too loud, in fact and I will take note when this director releases next film. As I do not want to pay to have my ears blasted for arts sake, that is. The movie was good and fun but I have to approach this guys films with caution. I should have remembered this directors excessive use of sound as a medium to indicate fright and terror from his last film. And weigh in with the PROS and CONS. I have never noticed sound as a downside until I watched his movies. Weird.

I am so excited this week is gonna be awesome. Are you guys ready?

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