Friday, December 5, 2014

Conan's Sweater Gets Stolen - CONAN on TBS -Friday

Conan's Sweater Gets Stolen - CONAN on TBS

HAPPY FRIDAY!! little enchurritos, how are things in the rest of the world? I am doing fantastic! I hope you are as well. I think that the most important thing this week is staying focused on the big prize. I want my big prize to be my happiness. I have already seen my happiness and it includes the wellbeing of my body my mind and my soul. I feel fortunate in that I am aware of this before my life came to its conclusion and I had regrets. I am happy to say that I am constantly thinking about being happy and/or remaining happy. I am happy to say that because my happiness is connected to other people, and other lives, so I make sure that I provide my assistance to make sure others are as happy as they can be or choose to be. My happiness depends on that, so that is what I do, always. That is my happiness; visible, attainable.

Billy Eichner's Song For Taylor Swift - CONAN on TBS

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