Tuesday, December 2, 2014





It is raining out here, in the SoCal! I just got all wet up! that doesn't sound quite right. But I am wet. I really like being out in the cold, when we get it. I prefer the sun but we need both so I will enjoy it sooo much while I got it. I got my 'summergurls party playlist', usually reserved to annoy my more selective music listening friends. I put all the annoying earworms that you can imagine at a kewl pool party. If the invited were all tween girls with a glitter/glue fetish. I will say 'barbie girl' and 'party in the USA' are defz in there. Its a perfect mix for the rain. You can act out all your favorite rainy day cliché videos, regardles of the other bus riders stares. o-O I had a week of feverish sleepless nights, while trying to see if this medication I am taking is keeping me awake. Sure enough, I finally stopped taking it, and I slept like a baby. I didn't really check, because my focus was gone, really, but I must have looked like some kind of zombie. I know I was grumpy as ever I've been. I am waay better today; rocking out to BlackEyedPeas, bumping shoulders with my bus neighbor.


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