Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Is it Friday already? Where did my week go? Darn! I will tell you where it went, it went where I'm on my way to now: Doctors office. I am treking across the San Fernando Valley for an in depth test for issues that came up when I went for my check up earlier this week. I am fortunate to have gotten a great doctor that went into detail when visually observing my eyesight. Now I have been running around town getting the right doctor for the right study. I am pleased as can be for the diligence of one doctor. Thank you doctor! Here I was thinking they were gonna say "man you are perfectly fine; fine as a fox!" I did however notice both the male and female receptionists gave me a double take, as if saying "you is hot!" - (incorrect grammar and all). Or maybe I looked like I hadn't sleep in a real bed under a roof in years, because I was up the night before, because as I've mentioned before, I do not like doctors check-ups. But it's all good. I know the anticipation of the visit, is much worse than the actual visit. I just schedule it on a calendar and away I go. Anticipation anxiety be damned. It's always one thing or another, so the less time I spend worrying, the better. I may still show up to work so long as I do not get knocked out, by sedation. I have called in ahead of time, just in case.

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