Saturday, December 13, 2014


Heey heeey chiquitos taquitos! How goes it? It is Saturday, the weekend is in full swing and we are doing this! I went to go see INTERSTELLAR, the movie. I liked it tons. I will say this: Christopher Nolan -please get your hearing checked. Your SOUND IS TOO LOUD-NOLAN. Listen to your employees. I am sure one of your many employees (and then some), plus probably someone told you, implored, to turn it down; that this movie may be a bit too loud. It is true. Too loud. Good movie, though. I liked it. The theme was good, and the special effects were really good, as well. Very HOLLYWOOD special effects; James Cameron, or Speilberg ... in space. We went as a birthday outing at my birthday friends request. It was a good birthday day. I look forward to seeing something on my birthday...maybe drinks over SHAMELESS -USA (please don't kill off Mickey, or make him a weak character!]-manwasIdrunk.

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