Friday, December 26, 2014


BACK TO WORK FRIDAY, PEEPS!! There is no reason for it to be so cold today in the SanFernandoValley, or SOCALI, for that matter. I mean that is some cold air blowing today, BUT I LOOOVE IT. As defense against the cold today, I am wearing my glitter sweater and glitter boots to work today! (just kidding, imagine; I'd look like that guy that dresses like RAINBOW BRITE/MY LITTLE PONY at the local bar by my house. For Real-no lie). It is back to work today and I am so grateful for my gifts, this Christmas! I love them! I saw a couple of movies and ate, then ate again, after eating a light snack. So much fun XD. I got a great t-shirt, that I will be wearing to the New Jurassic Park movie (Chris Pratt and DINOSAURS???- I stopped breathing for a couple, there OMG- It's like a sweet dream wrapped in fluffy whipped cream, sprinkles, cream cheese filling
all stuffed into a flattened powdered buttermilk donught, oh yea).Its on! manwasIdrunk

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