Thursday, December 11, 2014


What is going on my sweet and tender bunnymen? I have been running up and down around the the city of ANGELS, since yesterday. I mentioned that I was going to get my self checked up physically as I don't recall doing it last year. I was so busy and without monies, most of the year, all I could do to keep from crying and worrying. I made an extra effort this year to get checked up before years end. To update my eyeglass prescription, I got my eyes dilated and was unable to see well for the rest of the evening. The result: I have to go in for further tests, as the doctor was wondering about some issues that showed up in initial tests. I am so thankful I went in and made myself keep my scheduled appointments. I am not too worried as this life is to be made the most of and worrying does nothing but take up precious time I could be spending with loved ones and people I like. I do have some follow up appointments coming as soon as we will see. In the meantime let's stay on the bright side of the road, and continue to be involved with our communities and neighborhoods. I know I will. We passed a budget but at what cost?

I am listening to Echo and the Bunnymen album1- Crocodiles. No one sounds like the bnymn exactly... well except for Arcadio Fires vocalist. But that Bnymn,Will Sergeant and his echoing shimmering guitar is magic. Creating such a space and atmosphere. Talented Magician. I have put a small xmas tree at this desk here and it looks crazy sexy kewl. Blinking away all quiet and crazily small. I hope you guys are getting into the spirit and just having fun. Keep hydrated, get plenty of sleep and always be prepared.

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