Monday, December 15, 2014


What is up my enchurritos? The week has begun and I am off and running! I have been having some pain that I am attributing to the pressure and stress of all the things that I am juggling, in my life. I get that from time to time. I get back pain or a pain in the arm as a symptom of stress. I recognize that it happens in times of stress. So I have to daily take five and adress that stress and acknowledge it's impact on my state of mind and mood. I won't run from the stress, anymore. I will calmly take inventory of the components of said stress; are all components unavoidable? That is to say do I really need to do what brings me stress? If the answer is yes, then worrying or griping about it does nothing but waste time and energy. Energy I can spend dancing or having capuccinos with all my fancy friends (okay, not that fancy and regular house blend coffee will do the job , but still). I will not waste energy that way anymore. Stress we all have to put up with, and back or arm pain will just have to wait (ain't nobody got time for that!)-manwasIdrunk

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