Monday, December 1, 2014


Good morning one and all. It is MONDAY. I had a great weekend. Filled with leftovers and blackfriday spillovers. All I am saying is: I am so stuffed. I went on with my search for a better paying job, and my continued hope of people having more compassion and my quest for blackfriday steals. I am kidding as it is now cybermonday and I am ONLINE. Looking for some continued luck with those things that I cannot do without and will turn around and complain about in a few for taking up too much space. I hope you all are doing great and got around to getting out of your home for some fresh air. It rained yesterday, out here in SOCALI. Well actually it is usually just sprinkling when reffering to rain, out here. That it was. All day wetting our make-up and pompadours, with a fine mist. Today it just looks and smells like new out here, in the land of faux cellebrities. You all stay warm, I got to pretend I am really cold and give myself a rare chance to wear some of my cold weather coats, fancy hats, scarves and luxury sweaters. -manwasIdrunk

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