Thursday, December 18, 2014


I am still looking at available jobs as I still need to start making more money. A lot more money would be nice. Pay off some bills. I have been eyeing a couple of interesting opportunities that I have applied for. Let's make it happen, this year or the next, but pretty soon. I am also waiting for a call from my clinic in regards to being seen this week for my eyesight. This week is almot over. Keep your LadyFingers crossed ;-)

Thursday is here and Christmas is a week away! Oh snap! How quick was that?? I told you guys drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep because these days just fly by and you may have to move in fast paced mode just to keep up. Don't worry, there is always time to take time. What happens when you take time to take everything in and are thankful for what you have and what you have done it seems to slow things down. So If you find yourself loosing control of time and your life during these hectic, hectic times just grab a pen and notepad and watch a couple of these -- > ASMR videos (on the side of this blog manwasIdrunk). As you start to relax watching one of these vids, your mind will become flooded with things you still haven't done, have yet to do, or are running behind on. Write it down. All the things that need to be done: write them down, all of them until your mind is done with worries and to-do's. Then you can watch another video calmly, and give thanks and appreciate all that you do have and you will find yourself relaxing and getting a hold of your time and life, again. That is what these videos do for me, try them, now and whenever you need to focus and gather your senses. I would love for all of us to just appreciate these days, just like all days, that we are alive. Slow down. Remember the roads are filled with people in a hurry so allow for some extra time to get to your destination. Leave your house a little earlier, watch for hurried drivers, drink plenty of water and get some sleep.

We will always have something to worry abouy. Your mission? not to worry and enjoy this life and all the people you care about. That is all. Are you ready?-manwasIdrunk

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