Sunday, December 7, 2014

Protests continue in NY- Remains of missing protesters ID'd in Mexico-Sunday

Howdy All people of the internetz all my homiebologneponies (similar to My Little Ponies but with more cold meats) of the real world and everybody in between. It is Sunday, somehow the weekend is over and I am left standing with half a cup of coffee and still so much to do. No worries, I will get it together before the night is here. I will get to sleep early and start the week with a bong! I mean bang. I have been doing a little doodling and some sketching so expect some more posted pictures soon. I really like the pictures I've posted recently. They are just some psychadelic-looking pictures I took. They have been altered a bit and I think they look craaazy.

Welcome back carnitas! I hope you guys are doing just phenomenal and have found that Sunday was a great day to get things done and get focused and centered and also balanced mentally, and in spirit, too. Take a couple and just appreciate where you are in this world right now, and where you are in your life right now. Where you want to be, and all you want accomplished. All things are available to you if you want and are willing to work for them to come to you. That is so exciting! How can you not be excited? I must now shed some sadness or I may become sick manwasIdrunk shares A couple of tragedies that need to be mentioned: protests are still going on from the New York grand jury verdict. I am heartbroken. And remains from one of the 43 disappeared protesting student/teachers in Mexico have been identified. Making the worst fears of the families come true. I am truly shocked and saddened to my core. Thank you for letting me share, truly. Now let's get to getting.

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