Friday, May 25, 2012

North Hollywood Friday, MOVIE FRIDAY*Becoming a better person. Starts today.


BECOMING A BETTER PERSON starts now and with every opportunity put before me.

I hope some of you decide to join me in my quest. My main goal is to be happy. I'm sorry, to be fucking happy, most of the time. My quest is to be a better person overall. I'd like to develop different aspects of my life, and interests in my life to be fulfilled as a person, as a human being. I would love to have as many as you as are willing to commit to this, so that I don't feel like an ass doing this just for myself. And because I see success at the end of this journey and along the way, I would like to also have you guys benefit from this.
    It is no longer The New Year or even near it, as to be seen as starting over. It's more like getting an early start to the new year, today ...and frankly everyday. All I ask is that you increase whatever is you have been doing to become a better person by a little bit more. There is no actual measure as I do not know how much you do to be a better person and therefore can't gage what it means to increase this or these things that make you a better person. I have these 3 simple things I'd like to better.





Last Friday was a sad Friday and we did not have a MOVIE FRIDAY.
Today is a new day and we give you a choice of movies
 BAD BOYS 2 -Or Disney Nature: African Cats 2011

Tonight the air will be filled with the sounds of the weekend. It means everything is just a little louder and livelier. Perfumes and colognes will rain and sweeten well into the night. More drinks than are imaginable will be poured and spilled and drunk up all night until legally sold and beyond. What to do, what to do? Join in the festivities and wake up later the following day? or wake up early the next day and take advantage to get things accomplished? or sleep in and rest the body for whatever the day throws at you? 

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