Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Up in the NOHO

After watching this trailer I remembered why I loved dancing more than life. It's a movie that I'll be holding on to the edge of my seat for, or somebody's seat. Featuring the amazing DREW DROEGE Of"Chloe" fame.

A little reminder of, or introduction to "Chloe" with the delightful BIRTHDAYS. In the top of the list: Permission to never speak to Jeane Triplehorn ever again.


North Hollywood - IS JUST LIKE WEST HOLLYWOOD but just a little different as far as choices in dining and entertainment and shopping is concerned. We have a lot of things poppin up  in  the NOHO. We do have gay night spots they're just on a smaller scale. I believe there are three major gay bars. I am not speaking officially on or representing them. I'm just a local who's been there and enjoys spreading the word on these here parts. I cannot name them specifically as like I've mentioned before I am not officially writing about them. I'm just passing a little info along if you will. I hope you will join me and visit these sites. I just know you'll love them as I do.

stay tuned for the next post is about bar number 1.

Is hiring more people a course of  last resort for capitalists?


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