Friday, May 18, 2012

Quiet on this early Friday morning in NOHO


                                                Happy thoughts...
I won't dwell too much on the passing of Donna Summer anymore. As I know she may be too old for some and I used to hate when old dudes would go on and on about how the good ole days were and what used to be blah blah blah... I have since learned respect for some things like traditions and ceremonies. They may be made up to commemorate things, but it is just our human way to express and celebrate the changing of things. The death of something and the birth of something else. That is how we retain our humanity.Yes, birthday parties are important. No, they are not necessarily for the benefit of the birthday boy/girl. Its the passing of time, your time that we are grateful for. And we are very grateful for the time spent in your company, so there, we got you a cake. Tonight we put away a record and build on a record collection. Tonight Donna went from being the queen of disco, in a rotation of ever-changing dance records that go out of style, to be just one the great ones. In a record collection that houses the greatest of  American innovators, and artists. The record collection on which current artists and bands not yet formed can build upon. Tonight, Donna, is on a different shelf and no, she is not by herself. She is in great company. Good night.
                                                             Giving new music a chance                                        While dancing in dank and sweaty house dens full of tweakers, exctasy and house-fiends till all hours of the sunrise in L.A., or makeshift raves in warehouses and silos on the outskirts of Nashville, or converted school houses in Louiseville, I never took it for granted that thanks to someone else we were able to enjoy an extended song of nothing but whistles and drumbeats, the old disco 12 inch singles and prized by dj's extended mixes had afforded us this. I was always thankful for that. People like the Petshop boys knew disco was not a bad word, instead choosing to name their remixed compilations by that single name while aspiring to that sound. Disco. It still endures, and keeps changing so much it does not cease to amaze me. I do not know what its future holds, but I do know this: It does not get boring, that is the one thing you can be sure of. Because just when you thought it was old and getting boring and played out, you failed to notice that the music had evolved, it sprouted into something different and was being played, enjoyed, danced and sweated to by someone different, so different you didn't recognize it anymore. Don't just get stuck in the old school, there's some new bands out there and some are really good if you give them a chance.


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