Tuesday, July 23, 2013



     Sunday was the second day of cloudy skies out in the land of Angeles. I normally would prefer the sun in the summer, but it was for the second day in a row: pleasantly cool. I know it won't last, though. We getting ready for the coming month. It's going to get good, I was going to remind you: don't forget to get your hydration on. Out of nowhere, though, it finally happened, it rained on Monday!! It rained overnight and all was good out here. It made for a humid day all day but it's all good, rain is good for plants, and peoples too.





                     A sad story (sorry...).    This is the modern world, and it could be better.
    I find it hard to believe that we live in the 2010's and we don't have jetpacks or flying cars. We don't have food that comes in a pill and you just add water. Our cities are still running on fossil fuels and we never got attacked by giant robots (sigh)
    You know what really makes me sad, though? I don't know why we still have racism in this day and age and yet, some people still claim it doesn't exist. Scary to think that they may believe it. People have less and less rights concerning their privacy and quality of life. We seem to be going back in time, instead of forward. Women and children have not had their rights questioned as they have been recently for quite some time,our treatment of women and children is an embarrassment, honest. Both treated as objects to own instead of real people with needs, needs and wants that are less and less being met. If someone could explain this to me, I would gladly love to hear what the fuck happened.







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