Sunday, July 28, 2013


    I must insist that I am not mad, grumpy, or in a bad mood. I think as things fall into place more and more I am more calm and I am able to process what is happening in the world around me. I might come off sounding or read like I am having a bad day. I am actually in a great mind set and mood. I have been posting in the olive green colors. I feel so inspired and soothed when I do these green posts. I hope I can evoke those emotions in some of you. I hope you feel calm and serene when you see them. That is my hope and intention, along with the idea of inclusiveness, and a genuine welcome. I've come to see each post as a body unto itself, each with its own personality. I've been able to put more colors I want to see on the internet. Make it more appealing to me, and hopefully some of you. So please, catch your breathe, cool down and make yourself at home daily. Tumblr, or Blogger or other one of your choice , make it your home. Please participate. I don't see nearly enough personal-political sites, that I like very much. There is so many of us, let's get active.

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