Friday, July 12, 2013


            Man was I drunk!
    I have been blessed by such a large family, and such a large group of friends (so so many friends 7 or more, depends how they behave) I do not know how people can keep up with hundreds of them on things like fb and the like. Having such a large social connection, means I eat a lot more. Maybe I should make it clear, I try to attend a lot of relatives and relatives' kids parties because A-they grow so fast, B-they are the future and C- I love cake! All this celebrating has led me to be much happier, yes,  and bigger around the waist. I don't know if this trend will continue, but I do know that I will not feel bad about this weight gain. I look way better, I believe. I get a lot more attention from everyone and so many compliments I can only think to blame my bigger caboose! I feel like I may even be luckier at a slightly heavier weight. Maybe the increase in density also increased my winning chances at life. Who knows? Right? I do have boxes of older slimmer pants that I may never need again. I'll keep 'em for a bit, but not too long, I need to start buying stuff that shows off the goods. Know what I'm saying? Hellooooo boys.

Powder (Full Movie) (1995)

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