Saturday, July 13, 2013


                                      Man was I drunk
    What is up my little taquitos??? What are you guys up to? Summer treating you good? Are you treating yourself good, is the question I should be asking, right?
    When you feel good about yourself and you give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourself, you find that the little things don't bother you so much. You can then concentrate on the big stuff. Being at peace with yourself and in good conscience let's you sleep so good. When you stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong and focus on just getting the things you need done, you just feel more productive. I am very guilty of talking to myself negatively sometimes when things aren't going my way or on schedule. I just have got to keep remembering that it's all good and as long as I keep going steady I will get to where I need to be at. I'm not saying that it's you should take a nap all day Sunday and complain Monday because your whole day was used up watching television re-runs. I'm just saying that you are a good person and sometimes we forget that because nobody tells us, well, take a minute to do just that. Acknowledge your good traits and give yourself props, I'm sure you have earned at least that much. Now let's get ready for MONDAY!! It's gonna get real good.


How do you want me?!

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