Sunday, July 14, 2013


                       Man, was I drunk!
    If I told you how beautiful it is today, you wouldn't believe me. It's the kind of day where you can just sit still and things will just peacefully calm down or become the whirlwind you look for. It's beautiful, not too hot or windy. It really is just right. It's what I imagine people think about when they imagine SOCALI weather. You can literally do whatever you want to do and it would still be perfect. Whatever you decide to do. You wanna keep it simple and do a nice carne asada well the day is perfect for that. Oh you want to rollerskate around your local park? Well sure! The day is ideal for it, with a nice breeze to blow through your matching denim overalls and bucket hat, you don't have matching overalls and hat?- what are you waiting for? Hurry up, get one! If you just want to just hang out and take some pictures for your fb profile, well the day is perfrect for that as well. As a matter of fact make a photoshoot out of it, that way the next time you talk about all the photoshoots you are involved in and are casting for and are in a hurry to get to/for it won't be a full-on lie. It would just be a Los Angeles pretension, and well...we all have those whether you live out here or in *Tepica, Kansas. I'm keeping it simple: I will sit on a lawn chair and enjoy this breeze. I'm sure it couldn't possibly get any better. Maybe a lemonade?

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