Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday -All-American Boy

                                       Man was I drunk!

    Did I tell you guys I was gonna relax and take it easy yesterday? yes, that was the plan, but I didn't actually stay put and enjoy the crazy cool breeze with a side of lemonade with those fancy flavored ice cubes I like to make for guests, family and friends but somehow always drink up by myself (you know the ones with mint leaves or crushed rosemary- you ain't tried them? Easiest thing to make. Hurry up! You must, then put them in with some homemade seasonal fruit waters, I just know my friends would love it if I ever shared it with them, someday).
    I, instead, decided to finally start my hair trimming company for both humans and pets with a flair for somewhere I've always wanted to go as a theme: A Jamaican theme called Jamaican Me Crazy! I have always thought I would make a great  barber-hairdresser. I used to cut my little brothers hair up till he started elementary school and he began getting self-conscious. I still think the bowl haircut will make a comeback, big-time! Call me crazy. (Also, I'm pretty sure he's responsible for all the family pictures from that year mysteriously vanishing) So I decided to rekindle my passion for hair sculpting and decided to include pets in the procedures, because I know more and more people want to include their pets in the activities they participate in. I have always wanted to go to Jamaica, so the theme is a natch. Now while I don't think all pets should be allowed in all manner of commercial center anytime and anyplace, I do think humans and their pets should be able to do some things together if they want to, that they normally don't offer. Some things they haven't been able to do before. At JamaicanMeCrazy, you shall be able to bring your lama, kitty cat or Fido with ya. I know we really love our pets, so now you both can sit side by side, and smile knowingly at each other as you both get pampered. We can make both of yous (yes that's grammatically incorrect) prettied up. I will specialize in bowl haircuts and all the pet cuts, 'cause I truly love dem critters (also incorrect). I will need some help with all other cuts, so your patience is appreciated, but we will get you the look you want or your next haircut will be free. I will promise that much. I have never done any pet hair cuts but how hard could it be, right? And I'm a pro at shampooing, so yea... I will let you guys know when I find a location for JamaicanMeCrazy, as I couldn't be more excited about this project. Not like my breakdancing academy POPPIN-U . Also, don't forget fellas, to follow me on twitter when I do finally get my account, as I will update you all day and night continuously, nothing but zany zingers and nonstop insanities. Also if you guys behave and don't pee on the carpet I may share these famous ice cubes I'm gonna be known for if I ever share them. So you are once again cordially invited. What you waiting for?

All-American Boy 


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