Sunday, July 21, 2013


                            Man was  I drunk!
    Today was a crazy nice day. It was a bit overcast, some very light sprinkles (sorry visitors, not very SoCal, but trust me, it was better this way), but like I mentioned before, because I am a little luckier and yes heavier, I feel hot a little bit more, than normal. I was invited to spend the day in LA (the city, not the county, that would be me everyday). So I was prepared to be the best tour guide for LALA that I could hope to have. I made sure to hit all the important spots that we have here, that are cheap and you can do in an afternoon without getting too tired. I picked somewhere that is safe for anyone to begin a tour on. The location that is centrally located, where everything is so so close and so full of stimulation. I may have briefly mentioned it here before: Los Angeles Union Station, and the Grand Central Market? That is where I start my tours of LA, always. Why you ask? Because this is the place to bring anybody, not just once or twice, but as many times as possible. Every time will be different, it cannot help but be different. Some times it can be mellow coffee drinking time and the best conversations, other times it can be filled with Mexican wrestler masks and tamarind candies. There is so many people coming and going through here, always, and for different reasons, non-stop all the time. So many forms of transport touch down here or near here, that new fresh energy just is constantly pushed to every corner of the city and the county from here. The people make this place happen, all the people; yes, even the homeless. They may smell, you say?, yes sometimes, but the homeless are people, too. Everyone makes this world turn. If that wasn't enough, though there is so much going on. All around. So if I had to pick a place to start out on a tour of the city of Angels, that would be it, and that is exactly how I spent my day, my chimichangos. So if you ever thought about how to spend the day, that is a perfectly reasonable way to begin. Everywhere you turn there is stimulation, so much visual, audio, gastronomical and again gastronomical stimulation and then to drive the point home a piece of strawberry shortcake from Chinatown, with hot coffee. Do you know the cake that I speak of? the one with all that airy frosting, that I would like to lay in face down for thirty minutes? You know, right? The cake that has shaved almonds on the sides? If you do not, just gotta. As far as I was concerned, the day was perfect. Just saying if your looking for a way to spend an afternoon.


We should do what’s right, rather than what’s easy

—  Morgan Spurlock (via colferstrucked)

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