Saturday, July 27, 2013


    I remember once upon a time when it was quite simple to hang out with your friends. It was not that long ago, either. It was simply a matter of picking up your phone and setting a time. From there it was just a matter of showing up, or not. You were either hanging out doing something, or you weren't. I find it a little more difficult to agree and follow through on a set upon time to just hang. I think some of my friends think that saying 'HI' or sending us updates on a social site is the same as hanging out. Same goes for smiley faces, or unhappy faces as some of you are posting now. I have come to believe that while some may say that they are fully aware that greetings and exchanges on the web, are not the same as hanging or even greetings in real life, they have accepted that socializing in that manner is acceptable. I feel some people have fully convinced themselves that is all they have time for, in this day and age.

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