Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday- the economy meme

                Man was I drunk
    So many fireworks, so few eyes. It seems like such a little thing: fireworks. It is just a few lights going off in the sky. In these days of attention hungry celebrities, and these times where all companies are desperate for your attention. In these unsteady times where it's kinda iffy on whom you can and cannot trust your money and your information to. These days when most jobs seem almost temporary at best. Away from everything, it still is lights in the sky, nothing more. Somehow, though, lights in the sky, if you really think about it, is awesome. These lights in the sky rock so much, if nothing else, as a break from all the stuff we have to put up with here on earth. Turn your attention away from your phone for twenty minutes (if your lucky), and look up at the lights in the sky. It's easy to forget that this is the real thing, not a movie, not a simulation. There really is lights in the sky. Explosions if varying colors and different levels of light. Celebrating: One, then another, and yet more keep coming. Boom, colored lights. Boom, more colored lights. Over and over. They don't want anything don't want to sell you anything, don't want you to buy their new cd or their new line of t-shirts. It's just very pretty lights in the sky. If you have someone to share this experience with, better, but not necessary. They still are gorgeous lights in the sky. Grab a drink if available, again, not necessary. Take a break and enjoy the show, soon it will be over, soon it will be a different day and there will not be lights in the sky. It will be Friday. That is a whole different reason to celebrate, tonight, though, look at these lights in the sky.

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