Thursday, July 11, 2013


          Man was I drunk!
   These past weeks, it has been so damn hot out here! Wow! It doesn't cool off until the wee hours of the morning before it starts burning up again. And today it was sprinkling in the morning and again in the afternoon. I shouldn't have to point it out, but I will in any case: it was so hot and humid!! Dang! Everywhere I went I was covered in sweat. Everyone I saw was covered in sweat.
    This is the perfect time of the year to bring up the fact that sweat is a beautiful thing. Sweat is a very natural thing it's natures way of cooling us off, while purifying us of toxins. Do not let anyone make you feel bad because you sweat, ever. We need to sweat. I have heard all kinds of negative ways that people describe others peoples sweating. Fuck 'em. There has recently been a stigma attached to heavy perspiration, well they can all suck it. Sweat is good. You keep on sweating as much as your body needs to, just remember to drink plenty of water. We gonna have fun this summer, right? -Right! (Ooh every time I hear some one that is insecure about themselves and tries to make others feel insecure, too, I just want to shake something! Don't worry I ain't shaking nothing but my ass as I dance and begin sweating to the oldies).

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