Friday, July 26, 2013


Big Momma's House

    Over the years I have been getting to know myself and my habits and some of my patterns. We all follow patterns, I imagine. We develop them from our earliest interactions with our parents, siblings and our earliest school friends. We change and modify our patterns and behaviors according to our experiences, our environment and our ability to process and filter these. Sometimes these patterns are healthy, like being an active member of your community, other times these patterns can take on very dark turns, that have damaging consequences. I am happy to say that my behavior has changed over the years (thankfully), and I am sometimes amazed at these changes, the growth and more surprisingly, the things that haven't changed much. I like to be social and meet new people, even though I am a little shy, so I hide in my home and wave out the window (j/k - I force myself to go out, esp. by myself, and sit somewhere [a park, a bar], and don't shy away from greeting strangers), even though it's awkward, Not changed much. I love, love food but hate the feeling of being stuffed, so I eat often, but small portions; not changed much.
    I have always wanted to live in a world that was modern thinking.That has never changed. I've always wanted to live in a world that would take the lessons from the past, learn from them and apply this knowledge to building a better world. I always thought that was how our present day societies operated. I always thought that was how other people felt.

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