Thursday, July 18, 2013


Jenna's new summer jam "Balls"

Jenna Maroney's 'Balls' - Clean 30 Minute Loop

Adamski & Seal - Killer (Original Video Clip)


Adamski - N-R-G

Remember the time SEAL emerged from a test tube, maybe from the future, maybe from an eighties work-out video being filmed next door,  dressed in a white sling to sing about being a solitary brother? Floating head in limbo. This is the first time I heard him. This was before he married famously, and sang for the batman movies. Ah good times, good times. This is ADAMSKI and as some of you know this album was pretty influential and listened to in that year so long ago it seems. It's not that long ago, actually, but things have changed. Dance music isn't as fun...(wait for it)...yet. (let me finish sheesh, getting all upset over there). Dance music is getting better. It is getting more fun and maybe we'll get people that like to sing again soon. In the meantime enjoy these tracks from the album. Acid House? Techno? I'll leave you to pick, I'm not that big into labels. The Album?


                                            DOCTOR ADAMSKI'S MUSICAL PHARMACY

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