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Welcome to Man was I drunk!The place where I try to make sense of things. The place where I can talk to myself and get motivated or stay motivated or express my awe. This is the place where I sometimes vent at the political landscape or lack thereof, at the apathy that permeates our daily lives. I talk to myself but by all means feel free to take anything that may apply to you. I feel honored to have someone visit let alone take from here, this little space on the internet that I have decorated with the re-purposed and the re-blogged.  I'm enjoying your guys efforts and pictures greatly, thanks. I'm amazed. -R.

 I now like the idea that I am an active person in what gets to happen to me and I'm not always with the I dunno mindset. I cannot wait for Mondays to get started. But at the same time I take full advantage of the 48 hours before the Monday (why?-cause that's my weekend!! ALL MINE). I hope some of you are taking advantage of my regular posts to remind yourself to please take care of yourselves, and if you have some left over time, help to take care of those that need someone to help them. I'm confident you will think of a way. Now become the best you that you can be. Ill see you at the races my taco supremes!

Follow this link if you find getting some confidence a hard thing to come by. WIKIHOW

 I done posted the next wikihow link in a nice progression and I feel a beneficial set of links for people like myself. People that like to keep busy with cool things and simple projects caose life is sometimes too hectic. It's funny to think that that life is so easy and varying degrees of entertainment involvement that you can literally now just lay in front of your television and scroll through youtube videos all nite and simply have some meal delivered, heck your groceries, leaving you with nothing to do as a chore except wake up the next day in time for work again and start that cycle of dis-interest for your life all over again. It is with that thought in mind that I offer these links to help get things rolling.

 For those that are maybe trying to figure out a way to see results in their life. You're already doing it if you take the same amount of time to do exercise everyday (I do, I do!)





How lucky are you feeling? is all going as good as you'd hoped it would? If not take a breather and  relax and try to picture how relaxed and calm and happy you want to be, then, imagine it just being that way. That usually works...Try once more this time try quieting all noises even if they physically cannot be quieted. Imagine quiet and peace.

I'm thinking about having a cleaner version of this Man was I drunk! Blog/tumbler. A version that I can open at work or at my favorite nite club (j/k), without having to cover up all the pics. I'm constantly thinking up weird blurbs and stuff that I'd rather post or up-load before I forget or loose the detail or the minutiae. In case you were doubting me when I said I do this ( blogging/posting) because its good for me and I benefit tremendously. It helps me make sense daily. So please don't be alarmed if I post too much (what's too much, right?), or too little, yea, right.
Let us know what you think of that idea.
                                  Tomorrow is Thursday, already! is a cleaner version cooler than this one, or on top of this one so as to give choices for you. I'll see.


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