Saturday, February 18, 2012

When commercials attack: SOME REALLY GOOD EATS

 It's interesting to think that some people's job consists of creative ways to distract a viewer from a television program so as to make them buy a product or think about them long after you've seen them. On here we can explore some  trends I've noticed or fancied or wondered about . Some commercials follow you long after you saw them for different reasons, the music, the good looking actors, nudity, and sometimes you think "I just know somebody got fired for that awful one or at the very least got a verbal warning if not a written one". So: Job well done advertisers, you got me to stop and notice. 

Today we find that SNICKERS tastes so good guys can't resist it: That is one helluva candy bar, gotta get me some. The best smelling breath mint you can't afford to not buy will get you out of traffic tickets even as it gets you into something else, something altogether more intimate, but quicker than traffic school. The BURGER KING has the kind of breakfast sandwich that he insists you sit up and take notice of, first thing in the morning sunshine and some sandwiches that straight up just bring men back to life and closer than ever.

Now were are my pants? I've got to run to the corner market, need anything??


  1. Ugh! I hate commercials so much. The interwebz has spoiled me as far as commercials.

  2. I hear what your saying and it sounds like you're not liking commercials, am I right? Well Mr. Brackman, luckily we've got so much more than just commercials that attack, you're sure to find something that you'll like be sure to check out Dude, they're pictures they're everywhere else on the web but they're new to us here at: man was I drunk (and no... that was not a commercial for this blog Mr. Brackman stay tuned as we've got so much more coming).