Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1992. Do you know where your friends are?


Remeber FUBU? Backwards facing pants? Two people or more could not get together without this party CD making it's way to some loud ass speakers. Oooooooohhh on the TLC tip. Its' sound and energy changing any room or gathering, instantly. It's just the way it seemed back in 1992. TLC, It's birthplace was in Atlanta, in a studio somewhere with the help of mega producers LA Reid, "BabyFace", Dallas Austin, Marley Marl, Jermaine Dupree, and borrowing a little from the Teddy Riley sound. Aided by these three personalities that could not be contained, this trio called TLC, It just growing and kept spreading across the country until all were under its spell and eventually becoming the monster it was destined to be. Catchy as all hell. These three girls, dressed in dayglow neon and bold prints to match their bold characters, claiming their womanhood and their refusal to be too proud or too shy to beg. It was on. It was different from anything else going on anywhere else. Where salt n' Peppa evolved to independent women, with sophisticated demands, these three showed up fully formed and ready to demonstrate to all, This is how we do it. Sexy?, check. Sexual? check. Safe sex? triple check. 1992 had arrived and they were gonna have a party, everyone's invited.
    TLC eventually went on to become one of the most successful acts of the 1990's, but not without its VH1 behind the music worth of troubles. The group ceased when member Lisa "left eye" Lopes died in Honduras back in 1992. They have made several appearances since then, but as with all groups with deceased members: it's just not the same. Let's not focus on that though. Let's remember the happy start. So many parties, got muggy and steamy and went well into the night while loosing it to this soundtrack. Ready to time travel? check out the following videos and remember and how much fun you can have if you want to.

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