Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WHAT'S UP- it's Wedndesday. How are we doing?

I've had so much to do today, who knew.
    I hope I didn't upset too many people with yesterdays post, as it was meant for me mainly. I write to get out of my head. It's an exercise. If you have something going round and round, or you are the kind of person that overthinks things, it's helpful to write these ideas down. I'm just gifted when it comes to whirling ideas that may or may not make sense. I put up with 'em all day, might as well put them down, I thought this is a good way to share 'em and show people that it works itself out. Hope you're having fun. Because I just can't believe how much fun I'm having. Keep it real. Real messy.

Don't forget we're getting ready to start working out. I figure some sit-ups, and push-up alternating every other day.


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