Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm home, I hope

getting ready for a big nite out

I just got back from my South American tour where I sang songs of hope and inspiration for the youth that needs direction in this complicated world while at the same time showcasing my new line of shoes: PUMPD-UP; the stiletto for the modern macho man who happens to have fallen arches or chubby feet. I toured heavily and showed the world what I'm made of. All from a bar stool in a hotel lobby, from which I was too drunk with intent to walk away from.  I haven't heard any reviews yet...I think I was an international success. I got arrested once.
so little they were delivered in pairs


  1. You are an international treasure!

  2. Thanks a lot KJ for the love. I would have settled for national treasure but you know how Nicolas Cage can be. Keep me posted.

    PS don't forget to follow me on twitter as soon as I get an account with them, k?