Sunday, February 19, 2012

MUSIC-hear ya go, buddy

I DON'T  WANNA HEAR IT. sounds familiar, yes? Perhaps in a good way, but this will make sure you'll buy boots  if anything just to make a louder racket as you boogie to this

CAROLINA. -All swaying fun and bravado, not a bad thing.
DON'T GET OLD.  - it kicking and screaming to this tune                                                                              J Roddy Walston               and the business   
 are part of the bands that I think are good and gosh swell. These are bands that don't have nearly enough exposure and people may not know of. I'd like to offer this space as a kind of small platform for these bands I'd never heard on radio. These bands that just make me think "oh yeaaa". These band that some of my personal music savvy friends, friends that I've broken bread with at my favorite bread-less watering holes have not heard, and look at me with that look when I suggest they listen. You know that look. Now, now, some of these bands  have been out for a while and there are many music aficionados or fans that do know who these bands are, and they are out there feeling offended, or insulted. No worries, relax. I mean you no harm. This is not that kind of place. This is all good (I'm gesturing toward computer screen, for those of you wanting to know). We're cool here. Alright? Are we good? GOOD.Those of you that do know them, just might want to make a mixed tape for someone you care about or may want to care about... deeply, with your hands and just generally all around feel good intentions (you know what I mean. I don't have to paint a picture, right?... I mean I will, just say the word. I'll do it, I will). Also please don't forget the people in your lives whose musical taste is suffering...quietly, or worse, out loud and within earshot.  There are wonderful people out there that truly need new music in their lives. Those poor people have it bad. I just get emotional thinking about it.So please, do it! make this happen. Start putting better music into circulation in the world. I along with the assistance of a couple of reliable sources*, especially if you know better.Tsk Tsk
      I'd love to hear them on  the radio any day, instead of the indistinguishable things that I happen upon on the airwaves. Recently, I turned on what used to be the coolest radio station out in Los Angeles for decades, I do it as torture and a reminder I guess, only to have them play stuff from the nineties. You know who you are PAYROCK, with your nonsensical playlist forever set on 'repeat'. Get on with it. Now I love the nineties to death, but come on. There is so many good new  bands that have gotten no airplay while you still play that awful stuff you insist people better love or else. ARG! You suck so much!!!!
   Well I'd like to do something about it. I'd like to present you all with these little tokens of my affection. And supply you with some tools to put better music into circulation and in your players. A gift if you will. From me to you Take it. Go on don't be shy, take it. Take it, take it, I said!...your welcome.

Now can you pass me my pants? you're sitting on them.

*SPIN magazine

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