Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday night, feeling a little mellow...


I've finished watching THE KID staring Charlie Chaplin. What did you all think? Did you like it? I've got to say it's a really funny movie.  It's laugh out loud funny at certain points. It managed to get surreal, even, during DREAMLAND. I'm so glad we saw it. Now I can say I've added another classic to my viewing library, and a good one for sure. Are you ready for another one? They're free, this coming Friday let's meet there.
   There's a lot of things going on around here, hope all is good with you guys. Hope you're liking the changes and stuff, because I cannot emphasize enough how fun and exciting this is for me.
    Special shout out to Boston tonight, we've got family out here from that part of town so let's hear it for BOSTON!!! You know who you are.

                                                      EELS. I like the way this is going

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