Friday, February 17, 2012

Movie Friday: THE KID

I've never seen this movie. I've always wanted to see a Charlie Chaplin movie, if you have too, here's your chance. It's Free.

When I am done I'll let you know what I thought. You can do the same if you'd like see if we meet in the middle.

later in the week:
 finished watching THE KID

I've finished watching THE KID staring Charlie Chaplin. What did you all think? Did you like it? I've got to say it's a really funny movie.  It's laugh out loud funny at certain points. It managed to get surreal, even, during DREAMLAND. I'm so glad we saw it. Now I can say I've added another classic to my viewing library, and a good one for sure. Are you ready for another one? They're free, this coming Friday let's meet there.

Let's do it again, This Friday!!! New Movie.

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