Thursday, February 16, 2012


I can see you

You'll be happy to know that I had the time that I wish everyone would have when they go on a vacation.Everything that could happen, happened. I learned things, I almost touched the past it felt so real, I met friends long lost. I laughed I cried I got shot at, or a shot, rather. I got sick from eating everything I saw (it all smelled like I would die a little if I didn't chew it up). I got so sick I had to have a shot, then I was better than before, and promptly did what? Ate!-I was starved. It was an awesome trip. I was befriended by a super friendly fresh water dolphin that came to my aide. Listen, listen, I know,I know it sounds strange but pink fresh water dolphins really do exist. I'm just not so sure I befriended one, what with me being sick and all. It was awesome though (I miss you so, Mr. Pinx-sigh).

When I left I mentioned that I thought it would be interesting to see what changes and how exactly it would affect this minimonster that I call man was i drunk. And I came back thinking: boy, I'll say yes! to ideas and some changes.

In the meantime here's some music from last few years that may not have gotten as much attention as I imagine they deserved. How we listen to music is changing quickly. It's not always afforded the platforms it used to have, indie radio is all but gone. Popular radio seems to sound the same it did three years ago, it's strange. No one medium rules and therefore not one form or brand of rebellion or alternative exists, and some good songs are not getting heard. And people like myself are left wondering what the EFF are people listening to? And how can I get some. where did our love go?


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