Monday, February 20, 2012

A little about me. DANCER- of sorts

Have I mentioned to you that I'd love to start a dance troupe, one of these days? I figure that I could get a couple of folks together, coordinate some outfits (that I designed myself, something eye-catching, maybe sequins, maybe urban, sorta hardened glam) and put on a display that really shows the boys what I got?
-Not turning around to look at jojo, I replied: "yes...yes, you have Joe", without missing a beat and with matter of fact honesty. I continued eating my oatmeal (damn! that's one delishus grain).
   That is how some mornings begin here at Chez New project Every Other day OR House of ADD.
"I do know I am sure as heck going to be the one wearing sequins if I'm gonna be in some "hardened glam" dance troupe. Ha! that goes without saying."- That is what I thought, I didn't say it. I figure if he ever, by some stroke of luck, gets a dance troupe together, I wanna be in the front and center, showing it all. Until then, I'm not going to encourage any more craziness in this house, you know what I mean, yes?  I turned and looked a him with a smile, and he eyed me with I believe a glare, as if he knew what I was thinking.
    I just thought "You better bring it" as I shimmied away to the sink throwing in some fancy finger pointing and snapping fingers to emphasize my point.

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