Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I got back to find my roommate jojo binging on ice cream an cake like a 10 year old. It was so cute and I  didn't realize i had missed him and until this moment,. I walked into the apt to find it looked like he hadn't been expecting me so soon, and he hadn't picked up, anything it seemed, at all, since I walked out the door two weeks earlier. I didn't miss him quite so much, anymore.
    We sat around and shared the ice cream, and he told me about creating a clothing line, and we discussed the probability of that happening... but what if ?


  1. JOJO is some kinda mess indeed, I can't say much as I love him like a brother (and he may one day read these if he ever stops watching his "stories" on T.V. so...)YOU will be the first to know KJ if we open our boutique for men who don't want to spend a lot and don't really care what they look like anyways. It's sure to be a hit.