Wednesday, June 6, 2012


stupid ZOMBIES, Werewolves and Mummies you are no match for my fangs of fury

picking out my own top 40


    Tonight, I decided to pull out the old cds and give them a listen to. Less and less it seems, I'll pull out some cd's and decide to listen to something I haven't heard in a while. I have so much to listen to I haven't heard in a while that I just pick from a stack or a page from the storage booklet, without rhyme or reason. It doesn't matter from where, I'll find something good. Lately I've been listening to newer stuff. Pandora, YOUTUBE, supply the tunes. I'm actually very excited about some of the music coming out. I'm liking the remixing, the Frankenstein songs that result from shoving two or more very different songs together and making them work, the mash-ups as they've been dubbed. I'm liking the electronic music that thinks it's brand new. Love it. There is so much out there to be all up in, that I've all but given up on radio stations.
    I also listen to stuff recommended to me from sources I recognize as being consistently good. Spin,, some friends I've come into contact with thanks to the www, so I'm good thank you very much Radio stations, we'll get along without you and your sponsors. I remember when I thought listening to the top 40 was the coolest thing on the planet, and I remember thinking I would always, always listen because it was so much fun to see if my favorite was on top. I don't rate my music that way anymore, now it's more: what am I in the mood for?
    Now, we listen to whatever we want, anytime we want. Hard to imagine a time when we had limited choices and structured venues and schedules to deliver a rating system for popular songs. A top 40 or a top ten announced on the same time on Saturdays that hundreds of thousands of people tune in to. It's hard to imagine a song like "What's love got to do with it?" ever being everybody's favorite song in a given week. Can anything be that popular again? Should it?
                                      Seth Mcfarlane being interviewed by Hellyboy2 director Guillermo Del Toro

                                        Seth Mcfarlane and the cast of FAMILY GUY

Thank you FLONASE, I can breathe again, sort of.

NOHO*CALI*Wednesday, June 5

Primary elections up in the NOHO and this is the opportunity to support you're views by voting for the person that best represents you and also a way to send a message to your local government to let them know how you  feel about them. I leave you with famous instructions: "Don't fuck it up"

I'm continuing to edit my meals if you will. I don't carelessly just toss food into my mouth like I'm feeding a seal at Aquarium of the Pacific, the local aquarium in LONG BEACH that educates and lets you touch stuff. I've never really had to do this unless I've been sick and had to watch out for certain foods. So I'm kind of not that good at it. The best thing I can think of is to focus on a particular workout routine that I dislike to dissuade me from eating crap. I'll think twice about it if I have to do sit-ups.



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