Saturday, June 2, 2012



ONE two three. I'm sad to say that my weight has still increased a little, not much but increased nonetheless. I will now activate part 2 of getting better physically part 2 of 3. This means that I will now begin to count calories and include that into my workout routine designed to get me fit. I am not upset, I just want to solve the issue of why I still am gaining weight, if it turns out to be the medication then we'll deal with that.

So I've already started to include things like cottage cheese (which I seriously love) into my eating habits. I will include more greens and substitute sugary cereals for oatmeal (which I also have always loved, it's just an extra step, by heating, in getting me fed) more often. I will not eat ice cream and/or cream pie anytime I wish. I'm a little curious as to how aggravated I get without all that sugar that no joke, I truly love. Oh and sodas, I will be consuming less of those by half at least. UHHH...okay....

ON a different note I've had a great week. I've got some serious sleep that I had been lacking. I feel good with all the exercise and stuff. I feel more and more at peace with the direction I'm taking in life. I want to participate more and this blog seems to be doing the job for now. I'm not spending as much time on watching television. I'm setting up and changing my routines on a day to day basis, as needed. I get to share that with you guys and hopefully you benefit from my openness.

I hope you guys like the Adam Sandler movie from yesterday. Let us know if there's something we can do that you guys think would be cool or interesting to post on here. Suggestions are always welcome. Did you guys think Sean Austin should not have been in a Sandler film? or did he do a disservice to himself?



                                                                AND THE WINNER IS


Trick or Treat with Sharon Needles

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