Thursday, June 7, 2012

NOHO*CALI*THURSDAY-24 Hours in a day. True Blood countdown.

Are you ready?

                                                            24 hours in one NOHO day, I'm taking charge of one.
    NOHO*CALI-15 Minutes into my workout I feel the benefits. There I said it. If you must know, only 15 minutes into it I feel the burn of muscle stimulation. I know it's working, I could probably feel great at this point but I still have the need to follow through just for the sake of following through. That keeps me focused on continuing a steady plan to work out not petering out after 15 minutes. It's one hour I'm committed to do, so one hour is what I plan for every day. One hour I won't waste looking at animal videos on YOUTUBE, or ...worse. I can afford to use one hour to focus on getting things done, to contemplate where I'm at. One hour to contemplate what needs to get done, one hour to feel a sense of accomplishing something good out of the 24 hours in one day, at least one hour is used for good.



    I turned on the radio tonight just for old times sake. It still sucks. I don't actually think I'm above what they play on popular radio, I have no such pretensions, since I've found that the stupidest most banal of music seems to be the catchiest and most exciting. It's uniquely celebratory and uplifting. No, the reason I stopped listening to music on the radio is that it stopped being fun. Music is still fun and new, sometimes, but it's not to be found on the radio. The radio stations have become megamarts of sorts. Chain stores, selling a brand more than championing a d.j.'s choice cuts and taste. Music has  always been used to sell, Fine. A formula was found sometime in the eighties, and marketed to all radio stations: play the same songs in a timed rotation and don't deviate from that. D.J.'s started getting fired left and right. I don't care what the d.j.'s personality is, it cannot survive a timed rotation and lack of autonomy in selecting music. I don't care what they say, the music is first. The same safe music on an endless loop is just too much to put up with. It takes a little getting used to, but once you do, boy, is it fun. I can listen to any song any time I want in any rotation I choose, or no rotation at all. I invite you to if you haven't already enjoy a little bit of freedom. You're free to share with people your taste and favorite tracks. While we can: Let's enjoy the freedom of the internet.
Holmes, all up in it

Handyman Mike Holmes
take her to fatburger...


 Have you guys heard these? it's no.8 in a series.


my kind of prom

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